Red Hat Patching in Medium environment

Hi All,

We are using 1500+ servers(Majorly RHEL 6) in our environment. So we are doing manually patching so trying to do automation. With Red Hat Satellite any possible to do automation at a time at least on 100 servers? Need your feedback.

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Ansible is the best tool to overcome your situation you need to configure password less login between ansible server and clients once you set up everything then things will become more easy

Hi Raghu,

Is the server patching done in one to one or at a time into all?


it’s upto you can do server patching one to one or at a time into all, there is a host file in ansible sevre you have to list out all the servers in which you want to run the patches in that host file.

once you create your host file (for ex: servers), then using below command you can run patches at a time

#ansible -m command -a "yum update -y" servers