RHEL7.0 vsftp will occur command not found

I had install vsftp by dvd-rom, but when execute ftp this command it occur “command not found”.
Due to i don’t have a internet connection to external, so yum will not be able to upgrade.
I used dvd rom package to install vsftp, and it had installed successfully, i even check to see vsftpd is install by typing this command " rpm-qa |grep vsftp", it occur vsftp version.

I have to no reason why ftp will not be able to work, when typing ftp this command. Does anyone know how to fixed this issue.
I find many resource on the net, and tried with it, but all of the method will not be able to work,

Who told you that installing ‘vsftpd’ will provide you ftp command? vsftpd is a FTP server and ftp is a client tool used to connect to FTP server. Don’t get confuse, both are same but used for different purposes, you need to install ftp package to get ftp command working.

# yum install ftp

As i mention i don’t have an internet connection to external,so am i able to used dvd rom to install ftp package.

You can still use the same yum command to install ftp with your DVD cdrom by setting local yum repo…


You can install the ftp by using the same DVD cdrom if you didn’t found the ftp package then search for related package from you DVD

#yum list *ftp*

and install it for example

#yum install lftp

and use lftp instead of ftp

#lftp xx.xx.xx.xx

Thanks for your help. I solved it. I used local yum repository, and work fine.,