Root previleges error while accessing administrative settings

Morning everyone

I have a problem on Linux mint 17.3 while accessing administrative setting such as network settings manager: here am trying to access network manager:

and other disk partitions as below: here am trying to access partition called Data on my machine:

I am currently logged in as the default user with which i installed Linux mint 17.3 on my machine. This error was not originally and i would like to know how i can disable this permanently so that i do not get the provide root password interface.

According to may view it is not possible to get rid of root password when you logged-in as a normal user. You should enter the root password to perform those actions.


The problem was not there at first, it just started yesterday. Okay how can i enable root login on Linux MInt?

Actually root account is created by default while installing the OS try to switch to root and check you are able to login as root or not.