Samba: Multiple subnets with Samba servers

I have three samba Ip, , , How to sycn. and remote announce data of among all server. ( Multiple subnets with Samba servers) Please help me.
According to Samba Parameters: remote announce & remote sync.) But its out of my knowledge.

I followed the same conf. referred in samba doc. Please help me


once look at the Multiple subnets session from the below link. You will get an idea.

@raghuu Yes same arch i want to design. but i need to know the configuration file of all three servers.
And how will to i connect three server. where (which server) shell i put the parameter.

Hi actually i ever worked on this, but i think you have to configure local master = Yes only on one Samba server that acts as a local master on a subnet for all the other Samba servers on your network

And also add parameters to all the samba servers which acts as local master.

Once look at the below links for reference.

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