Softwares to create Office Linux Box


I wish to develop small Linux Box for my Office, which will serve following functions

  1. Load Balancing 2 Internet Connections ( Router) : I have 2 ISP Connections & both will be connected to this box. The software will do load balancing between 2 ISP & if any one connection fails then 2nd connection should be used.

  2. Internet Bandwidth restrictions to users based on MACID : I should be able to specify bandwidth to certain users based on MACID.

  3. Basic Firewall & Antivirus

  4. Website Restriction to certain users based on MACID.

  5. DHCP Server / FTP Server

Please suggest suitable Linux Distro & other software/ guides to acomplish the above objectives. The Linux box should run headless & I should be able to control this system from network.


According what you have posted, you need a highly customized and this calls for a lot of configurations.

You can use Red Hat/CentOS servers or Debian 8/Ubuntu servers,

I have organized some links where you can find interesting details in terms of software to use and some few guide lines:

I hope this can give you a starting point.


Zentyal will also help you, and is very handy. If you need to dig up in an exprtise level, can try others.

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Good spiltup referral for each topic :smile:

Hi ravimodi,
I would recommend to give Univention Corporate Server a try:

It offers the standard debian basis, but with handy apps to be installed via the app center. The standard version is free to use, even in commercial evironments. I use it in many of my customer environments and I’m really happy with it.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: