Solid State HDD technologies SSD and eMMC

Though its a hardware question but as I only use Linux I would like some one to suggest how this relates to the Linux environment.

These days I see many cheap laptops coming with solid state hdd. They are of two kinds eMMC and SSD.
Most of the articles I have come across talk about the speed difference or power consumption. I think a person who is buying a cheap laptop is not having these as the first preference. But definitely the life span of the HDD is surely an important issue. In case of Linux’s HDD usage I would like to know which kind of HDD lasts longer ? SSD or eMMC ?

Don’t have much idea about eMMC, but I think SSD is much better and faster as compared to any HDD. Today most of the hosting companies prefer SSD, due to less changes of crashing…

If there is less chance of crashing then it means it should last longer.