[SOLVED] Alternatives to LibreOffice in Linux

I was just wondering what other alternatives to LibreOffice have the people on this forum tried. I found LibreOffice to be very complete, but inserting images in Writer while you’re editing a document gets a bit tricky sometimes.
Any suggestions will be more than welcome!

I have tried out Apache OpenOffice, it also works well.

You can uses Calligra Suite which works owesome with KDE enivronment.
Other than that apache open office is a best altrnative.

I will give both options a try. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

I have tried them all and use them randomly on various machines - Just make sure you have installed the needed extensions for what you are trying to do. I work extensively with photo intensive reports and it took so time to adapt to the OpenOffice variants from MS Office but I am not sorry for one minute. My primary office is LibreOffice but all work fine for what I do.
If I can be of any assistance please give me a shout.

There are several free office programs, and I have used and tried out 3 office programs, and have chosen Kingsoft office as it being the most compatible with Microsoft Office. It seems to be the easiest to use if you used Microsoft.


The other 2 are pretty good as well
Commercial version

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