Ssh authentication in single command

Hello guys.

Is it possible to access ssh in single command with password ,without key base authentication ?
as I need to run a script on client server for syncing the data , I need to to this task frequently . so it will be better that if there is any way to pass authentication in single command.


Not possible and there isn’t any such command available for SSH that will do the task with one single, the only solution is to create a shell script with details of SSH username and password along with the both destinations paths and run via cron…

thanks Ravi for reply , but I found a useful command to perform this task “sshpass” .

you can login with single command in ssh

you need to install it by:

# yum install sshpass # sshpass -pPASSWORD ssh
its good I think

Thanks for sharing the command it will help others too…:slight_smile: