Starting phplist from scratch need help with install

Hello. I was wondering if someone would mind assisting me. I have installed phplist onto my server. I have host gator reseller license. How exactly do I install this so that my end users can access from either C-panel or better yet wordpress. I’m am trying to find a solution to offer a newsletter client that runs off of my server using our mail delivery system. Apache got it. MySQL. Got it. Majority of my clients have wordpress sites that I built and host for them. Can anyone or would anyone be willing to lead me in the right direction. Thank you.

I’m not sure that i understood what exactly you are trying to achieve. Phplist is used for sending mailing lists. You need to figure out how to make your users to sign up for the list?

Hey thanks for your response. Here is what I’m trying to accomplish. My clients already have mailing lists. Yes they want to continue to build on them as well. I’m looking for a dashboard. That will assist them and myself in sending the the mail out to the list. Something that allows them to easily build an html email. Something that I could integrate with my website for them to log in an use. Or something maybe even that they can have on their website to use. I would need something that would handle statistics such as bounce rate opened and unopened messages etc. this program that’s advertised appears to do most of what I’m saying. Meyer van I get assistance in installing. I guess in short. I’m looking for similar or some features as constant contact. But without all restrictions.

@Jake_Adams, Got you. PHPList is what you might be looking for, but I would suggest you discussing this with @ravisaive as he is managing more lists than me and he might be able to give you a good solution for your needs.

From what I know, many people use third party services such as MailChimp to send the emails. The reason behind this is the fact that their IP’s are rarely blocked and therefore your emails can get delivered. I am not sure however if they provide the stats you are looking for. You can surely contact them and see if they can help as well.