Tethering : Laptop internet to mobile through wifi

Is it possible to tether laptop’s internet (say through cable) to mobile through wifi ?
I think technically the laptop will work like a router.
There is some vpn service enabled on the laptop that needs to be shared with X number of mobiles.
Is it possible to do so ?

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Yes you can share internet using your laptop as router for that fallow the below steps

1). Go to control panel and Open Network and Internet form there

2). Click on Manage wireless networks

3). And form here add network

4). click on create ad ad …

and click next

5). now enter name of the network and password and start using it

otherwise install hotspot for sharing you internet

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Are you talking about any windows OS ?
I am an illiterate when it comes to talking about windows ?

Can you kindly provide details as per any Linux environment. preferably Ubuntu / Mint.

I tried myself :

Main Menu -> Preferences -> Network Connections
Created a new WiFi connection
Edited /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/my-new-connection
changed mode=infrastructure to mode=ap

Tried to access that wifi connection on my mobile, its present there but just waits there stating “Obtaining IP address”

What might be going wrong ?

Try the instructions on this article:

There is also a script that used to work very well on Ubuntu 12.04, but somehow does not work very well on Ubuntu 14.04 Anyway you can use it as a guide: