Text Based Game in Bash (HELP WANTED)

Hello! I am a 16 year old who just got into programming. I am fairly new, but I have been trying to learn Bash. I thought a fun project I can attempt is to to make a small text based game based on “Lemonade Stand” from the late 70s. I created a very simple version (works, most of the time) and put it on Github. It would be great if you guys can maybe take a look, give me some feedback (I know my code will be revolting, but hope to learn how to improve it) or even contribute!

I am actively working on it, adding new stuff every few days. It is still in it’s really early stages, and I plan to make it something much much bigger then this. I would really appreciate it if you guys can watch the repository and give it a star. It would mean a lot!

Thanks! https://github.com/lucaswhitaker22/bash_cafe

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