Things to do after installing CentOS 7 64-bit

Hello everyone

I have just installed fresh CentOS 7 _86_64-bit on my machine, i would like to know the first things that i should do such as first drivers and packages to install, how to update system and so on.

I am new to the RedHat Enterprise Linux derivatives interms of common and useful commands to use.
So where can i start from all together?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Refer following links :

It will help you

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Me to new in Linux World. There are some command for CentOS that i used.

yum update ¤ its is update ur package list
yum upgrade ¤ its update ur system
yum search ¤ searching applications
yum install ¤ installing applications whatever u want

these commands are running in terminal. if u want gui package manager in centos, u have to search the PACKAGE KIT. in the package kit u can modify or install or change the repos by manually.

if u want some extra package u have to install it. ( example ¤ epel, elrepo, nux) these package are the most useful repos.

if u want to change something in ur repolist u have to modify the /etc/yum.repos.d file.

i hope i helped u.

sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

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@dzsolly85 Thanks let me start with these ones.