Two servers connectivity query

Hi All,
i have two servers A(active server, ip ...10) and B(stand by server, ip ...11).
i have kept both the servers in cluster mode using VCS (veritas cluster software) and binded them by a float IP (..*.12).

now i am trying to collect files from X server, using my float IP(...12) , but when i check the connection,
it shows that my local IP (
...10) is connecting to server X to collect files.
is it ok or we need to map float IP in routing table configuration ?

No problem actually cluster uses the active node in your case node one(…10) is in active state so it was connecting to server X by using your node1 ip address. If unfortunately node one (…10) goes down then node 2 comes into the field means your floating ip will start communicating with node 2(…11) instead of node1.

Thanks Raghu, your response is very helpful.

but i was wondering, if i want to only use my float IP to connect to other serves for FTP/SFTP, do i need to modify any configuration files in this case?

as other server is going to implement firewall and will allow only my float IP to connect.

what i was understood is, in case if you want to connect to other server (node2) for FTP/SFTP, then you have to use the ip add of that server(node2) instead of using floating ip, if you use floating ip then the request must be directed to the active node and configuring firewall is depends on your choice of choosing the destination server.

no i meant, A(active server, ip …10), B(stand by server, ip .11) , A & B are in cluster–> float IP (…*.12)

C is some other server (…*.90)

A connects to C to do FTP, A connects using its physical IP.
B connects to C to do FTP, B connects using its physical IP.

but i want both A & B to connect to C using Float IP (…*.12) irrespective of which node is active presently.

As server C is third party server, they are going to allow me to use only Float IP bonded to A & B to collect files from C using FTP. they will put this on their firewall.

so i wanted to know where do i need to change configuration in my linux machine so that always my float IP tries to connect to server C ?

According to my knowledge cluster will be configured in two ways active-standby and active-active, what type of cluster you are using…? if its is active-active i think you have chance to fulfill you task, but in case of active-standby you can’t do that by using floating Ip.

i have Active-Standby cluster.

as you are saying in Active-Standby case this is not possible.

i have another two servers here which are in A-S cluster mode, they some times use float IP and some times user Physical IP to connect to other servers for FTP. this is bit strange.

In A-S cluster floating ip will always communicate with the active node.

Here what i’m suspecting is they are using floating ip when they want to place file in active node and physical ip for placing files in standby node.


Well, it’s sounds ok in my book.
You have active-passive kind of cluster, so when you trying to connect to cluster (floating) IP, you’re actually connecting to active node (which is Node1 for example). And when failover occurred then the same IP will be used by Node2!

If you want that your node will use float IP itself when connecting with other nodes, I don’t think that possible.
Technically float IP is just an additional IP address on the same interface.