Unable to create pv for /dev/sdb1


I’m using RHEL7 and i wanna cretae a new PV to add in LVM so i added 50 GB Harddisk but i’m unable to create PV for /dev/sdb1.

i googled and any links are not helped…Can any 1 help me out…

with the 2 line input we cannot assume what you are trying to perform.

the error message says its mounted file system, check if the disk is already mounted ,

dmsetup remove may help to remove if any stale entry present on the system


Un-mount your disk and than go for further steps and also share the out put of below command


dmsetup ls

if you find the sdb1 then you need to remove it

dmsetup remove sdb1

then create pv on the disk

Hi Rajesh,
Sorry for late reply…Below is the output for dmsetup ls

Hi Raghu,
The output of mount…

/dev/sdb mounted on /test

umount /test

then try to create PV.

Unmount it and make an partition ① and then create physical volume ②

①#fdisk /dev/sdb

②#pvcreate /devsdb1

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