Unable to get free Space after file moved

Recently in RHEL 6.5 i moved(Using GUI) a log file which is consists 128 GB in a /home directory to / directory but i wondering that the space in /home remains same after i moved to / directory.I googled but no luck can any one let me know.Please Suggest ASAP.Thanks in advance…

pls reboot the machine & check the size of home directory.

Some other process is holding the file opened, which is why it is not showing as moved/deleted. You may need to kill/stop that process and see if the information gets updated.

It’s interesting to find out if the disk usage has doubled due to the file being present in / and still shown as active in /home. Also is the “/home/” directory mounted on separate disk?

THanks a lot… It’s has been freed by killing the service… :slight_smile: