Unable to mount windows share with cifs


I have a windows share with two domain name, same server with multiple name, we have created aliases in our DNS.
like serverabc and serverxyz, both are hitting to same IP. I have a shared directory in that server.

Whenever I try with serverabc with mount cifs command will work fine, but the same command with serverxyz doesn’t work.

I have added names in /etc/hosts file, but still having issue.

Any solution.


Looks its not resolving the hostname, seeing error in /var/log/messages

kernel: CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -5

Yes I know, The request came from my Dev team. and its kind of challenging. Its their requirement. Ok, lets explain some of my investigation.

Its really interesting. I followed investigation with help of Redhat support team.

As I updated, nslookup and traceroute works fine, I run the tcpdump and to collect tcp logs for an IP address.

tcpdump -s0 -i ‘interface’ host ‘windows_server_ip’ -w /tmp/tcpdump.pcap

Then run mount command (on client) in second terminal :

mount -t cifs -vvv -o username=domain/userID //samba_server_name_with_domain/share_name /mount_point

Cancel the tcpdump once the issue has occurred by Ctrl+C and upload the output files for further diagnosis.

Stored the tcpdump in a .pcap file to load into the Wireshark tool and check the network logs. What we found is, its not the issue with Linux or network,

Its related to the Windows, I got the STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME error, below are the details.

[1] STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME : Afaik, by default, old Windows Server does not respond to SMB queries that use a server name other than the server’s true NetBIOS name or an FQDN. The server will respond with a STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME.

I logged into the windows node and followed the below commands to check the if the mounting enabled with alias name

C:>net view \windows alias name
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

C:>net view \windows real name
Shared resources at \windows real name\

Share name Type Used as Comment

checkout Disk
mockC Disk
mockD Disk
static_analysis_staging Disk
The command completed successfully.

Windows is not support the alias name mounting, below is the document from windows support team.