UNDF format /Linux Mint package/decoder/AWITW_na codecs

First Windows 10 blew-up my Toshiba laptop then I got Linux Mint 17.2,then I got an external Blu-ray dvd player that runs on windows I think. It really might not run on anything.But for 3 weeks now I have been studying thousands of fixes that have been shut down.All I want to do is use my new $36.00 dvd player. But the whole world is against me from doing this. It is a conspiracy if you ask me. Please give me a “SOLVED UNDF FORMAT WILL WORK ON LINUX” or should I just give up and give my new Blu-ray player to Goodwill and then it will drive anyone that gets it crazy. If they are like me and never give up.I guess by the time I get my Blu-ray player working I will be a 100% certified hacker. Whatdayathink?