User not able to login suddenly in redhat server

from today suddenly one user is not able to login to the server, but other users are able to login, password is active and not expired, ssh running in client and server (other users from client are able to login),
can any one pls let me know what are the possible reasons that i can check to troublesoot the issue,

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check the status of the user the most common reasons are

  1. user account has bee locked or not
  2. if you are unable to login through ssh then check the user ssh keys, may be keys are moved to other location.

location of ssh keys

#cd /home/user/.ssh/ 

Still unable to access recreate the same user remove the user account and re create the account.

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msp_surya- do you have a GUI environment setup on this machine?

REDHAT/CENTOS machines are notorious for this… I have it happen a lot.

CTRL+ALT+F2 - login from the command line.

ping a machine on your network - do you have network? This usually occurs because the machine is not able to connect to all the network drives (mount points) or because the machine itself has lost the network connectivity.

Any new deployments? Duplicate IP addresses being used?