Visual monitoring tool

i want to monitor all my client systems visually (not logs, its like remote view). any visual monitoring tools available in Linux?

There are tons of Linux monitoring tolls available on the web, but Tecmint has created a comprehensive guide on these monitoring tools that you will find at:

I hope you can find that best tool that suits your requirement from the above list of tools…

These are all command line tools. i want GUI & it not only perform monitoring. it also give what client do in their system (like remote desktop connection what do same as).
any tool available?

Then Nagios is the best choice to go for Buvanesh. Nagios is open source web based monitoring tool for Linux that has all the built-in plugins to monitor MySQL, TCP, Email, RDP, etc on remote Linux or Windows clients.

For more information on installation and setup, visit the given link in the monitoring tools…

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Bro you can use Zabbix. It was really nice one. We started testing it for couple of days on windows clients.


Well this depends. If the price is not an issue you can use 1H Guardian.

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