VPN - internal DNS as my primary DNS Server

Hi Guys,

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I have doubt in my softlayer cloud VM (Centos 6.5).

Explaining my Environment:

  1. having centos server 6.5 ( which is hosted in Softlayer cloud service, under VPN network) we have public & private ip for the server

  2. and running a java application, the application is often checking the Database in the interval time of 5 sec, the database is deployed in softlayer cloud service in different region

  3. For checking the database the server must be running in VPN from VPN only the java able to communicate the Database.

**Explaining my problems: **

  1. My senior told me to configure

Use our internal DNS as your primary DNS server ( ) this should resolve the URL for Database communicate.

  1. for above DNS, I just put entry in /etc/resolve.conf like


this is correct or not I need a clarity or else I need to configure the bind for internal DNS as my primary DNS Server.

Can anyone help out this.