Ways of detecting hardware problems in Linux

One of the issues that can affect the proper and efficient running of a Linux system is hardware problems, and especially among new system administrators and normal Linux users many still face difficulties in dealing with hardware problems in terms of detecting and finding solutions for them.
What are some of the ways of detecting hardware problems on a Linux system when it comes to commands to run, files to view and many more.


Hi Aaronk with the help of some log file like /var/log/boot.log and using commands like dmesg, lspci… you can trace-out the hardware problems, and also we need to check lot of things to find out the issues and also by using MCE ( Machine Check Exception ) you can find out the hardware problems for that you have to install the mcelog. MCE supports only 64 bit.

# yum install mcelog

to view the issues

# grep -i "hardware error" /var/log/mcelog

Thanks,i just want to read and find more about **MCE (Machine Check Exception) **.