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My name is Ravi Saive from India, and I am the creator of TecMint and LinuxSay. I’ve more than 7 yrs of exprience in Linux and Open Source technologies, who makes a living on the internet.

I think I am the luckiest person on this planet, because I’ve a loving family, good friends, and a beautiful platform called ‘Linux’, which allows me to spend most of the time by doing geeky stuff such as Programming and Scripting with CLI (Command Line Interface).

At night, I play on my assorted Linux and Sun solaris boxes. All my computers run on CentOS, Fedora, RedHat Enterprise 7,6 and Debian 8. One of my machines is a silent computer in a toolbox. XEmacs is my editor of choice. I used vi for years at the start of my career and have done my time. Although, to be honest, I still use “vi” daily.

I also attempt to play the acoustic guitar.

And here is a picture of mine…


Hello Ravi,

My name is Marin Todorov and I’m from Bulgaria, Europe. Currently I work as a system administrator in a hosting company. My previous experience include web hosting technical support in another hosting company and later on Technical Support Supervisor. Right now I also work as freelance writer and my articles can also be find on sites such as TecMint :wink:

I’m crazy about technology and like to play and experiment with all kinds of gadgets. My personal laptop is mac with OS X, but I also have some older machine such as Asus laptop without active display that I use as a media center at home. I also use Raspberry PI 2 for different home projects of mine. My favorite Linux distro is LinuxMint, still I also work on CentOS (both server and desktop).

In the beginning of 2015 I also earned a Linux Foundation System Administrator certificate.

I like playing different video games and extreme sports such as aggressive inline skating.


My name is Gabriel Cánepa and I live in Villa Mercedes, a city in central Argentina. As my LinkedIn profile says, I’m a GNU/Linux system administrator and web developer. I work for a software firm whose main client is one of the biggest consumer products company in the world.

Here’s a picture of me:

My favorite Linux desktop distribution is Linux Mint and CentOS for servers. As far as personal life goes, I have been blessed with a beautiful family - wife and 2 daughters. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the assurance that our family can be together forever helps us to be happy and shapes our daily choices.

On a side note, I play the piano and the guitar. Music has also been an important part of my life since my early childhood.


Hi guys! :grinning:

My name is Saša (Sasha) and I’m from Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I started using Linux a few years back, but unlike most of you here I’m neither a programmer nor sysadmin. Actually, I worked as an NCO in the armed forces for 15 years, and then as a teacher in a high school. At the moment I don’t work - it’s quite tough here - but like Marin, I’m crazy about everything technology (and FOSS primarily), and I also signed up for LFCS Certification last month. So, Marin, I might have a few of questions for you. :wink:

My passion is online learning. I forgot to say that I am also a British Council moderator/trainer for Teacher Training courses. The courses are all 100% online and we use Moodle as LMS. My plans are to, first complete sysadmin training with Linux Foundation and then start my own elearning business using Moodle for training. I would like to offer three areas for training in the beginning: Linux and programming for beginners in my native language (unfortunately very few people here speak English - let alone understand technical terminology), Communication skills and English Language. I would also like to practice system administration and learn some programming too.

So as you can see I have quite a lot on my plate, but I’ll have to take it one step at a time.

I’m married with two kids (son and daughter).


Hi Guys!

My name is Raghavendra and my friends call me as raghu and I’m from Hyderabad. Actually i started my carrier with windows after with in a short time i fell in love with linux and i shifted by carrier to linux.

Currently working in GBM (Gulf Business Machines) as a linux System engineer in Bahrain and I’ve more than 3 years of experience in linux, and i was happy with my occupation and mostly i will spend my time in learning, browsing net

My favorite linux distribution is RHEl and i did certifications in Red Hat :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


My name is Aaron Kili Kisinga from Kampala, Uganda, in East Africa, and am a student of Computer science in Makerere University. I have used Linux and FOSS for almost 2 years now.

I love to use Linux first of all because it is free and there are a lot of free resources on the Internet such as Tecmint and Linuxsay that anyone can access to learn Linux.

The most interesting thing in IT and Computing, technology that i have known, i love to work with is Linux. I gained more interest in learning Linux when i discovered Tecmint and i will never look back.
I have been using Kubuntu, Kali Linux and now Fedora. . I enjoy using the Terminal because it gives one more control over a computer system than GUIs.

I hope to get my first Linux certification from Tecmint and i thank Ravi Save and the rest of the Tecmint family for supporting the open source world by setting up a good platform, Tecmint where we can all share knowledge and benefit from each other.

I love reading, playing FIFA and listening to music.

Below is a picture of me:


Hi Guys,

I am Suhas Patil From Kolhapur, Maharashtra, in India, recently I Have Completed My Graduation In Computer Science Engineering.

Currently, I am looking for a Job in Linux and my Interest is in Linux Administration Because I love Linux and I am Passionate about it

When I first heard about TecMint and after watching all the articles, tips & tricks and books on Linux, I really surprised to see so many useful articles in Linux and it’s really encourages me to learn Linux by following their A to Z Learning Guide. I am very thankful To Ravi Saive Sir and TecMint Family…

Apart this, I like to spend most of the time Social Media and I like Travelling and Swimming…

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Hey all. I’m Paul Giordano, Chicago USA. I’m a current Linux Sr. Systems Administrator and have been in Linux for a long time now. I love Linux, and fishing. I also collect dragons and wizards. Joined up to be part of a great group of people with a common bond.

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Hi Ravi,

This Is Wasim from Hyderabad (INDIA).Coming towards myside currently i’m working as a Liinux Sytem Administartor in an IT Service Company from one year.My Favourite Linux Distro is RHEL (as i done a couple of certifications :slight_smile: ) and Ubuntu. I love to read articles about Linux and wanna test those practically …My Hobbies are making new friends,freaking outside…Listening Music.

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Hi Ravi,

My name is Hatdiljit and I live in Patiala, Punjab, India. I am a retired person and recently have cleared Ec Council Certified Ethical Hacker v8 certification. I am basically an Electronics Engineer and have worked as Computer Engineer/Automation engineer on various type of systems. I joined this group to learn and improve my knowledge of Linux. I use two laptops one Mac and one dell. Basically I use Kali Linux and Ubuntu in Virtual machines environment. That is all about me and hope to improve my knowledge from all of you.

Hi Ravi,
My Name is Gunjit Khera and im from New Delhi , India. Currently i am working as Software Engineer in Test at Snapdeal.

I have been working on Linux for more than 2 years and i have worked on Cent OS , Kali Linux, Ubuntu. Even i have done many projects on Linux, infact currently my most of work is on Linux which is reason my bonding with Linux is still alive and i want to keep it alive by joining this forum because of my dying interest for it.
Apart from all this i love Singing and Sketching

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Hello Ravi,
My name is Constantinos and i’m from Thessaloniki Greece.
I’m working as freelancer linux administrator about two years now. I like linux a lot and i would like to learn more things about it. I love your articles, they are very helpful. I would like to learn more about scripting and tips to do my job more “comfortable” and right. I like reading, travelling, and play with my kids.
Keep up the good job

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Hello Ravi,
My name is Julien and i’m from Arima Trinidad and Tobago.
I’m involved with Linux about two years now. I like linux a lot and i would like to learn more things about it. I love your articles, they are very helpful. I would like to use Linux in all my application including amateur radio software and programming


Hello Linux Experts

I’m Ashok from India and i’m working as a Network Admin/Technical Associate in IT service company. :slight_smile:

I started my career as a Developer but finally got intrested in Linux and settled as a TechGuy. Still i love programming like scripting but not expert. My experience is in Ubuntu and CentOS, we use Ubuntu Desktops. and i love to use ‘nano’ rather than ‘vi’. Still i can say ‘vi’ is best. :wink:

I love to browse and learn new things like Hardening the server security.

Leisure time will play keyboard and Cricket…!!!

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Hello Ravi Saive and Guys, I am very happy to introduce myself in this forum,
I am Seydina Issa PATE, I live in Senegal (West Africa), I work with Linux since 2006.
Fedora is my best linux distribution, I like shell scripting for automation tasks.
My hobbies are watching movies and documentaries.
Tecmint.com is my best website to learn linux because everytime I see new tutorials who improve my level.
Linuxsay.com also is my best space to exchange with experts about Linux and in the same place I read many questions who can help me in my professional live.
See me on the below picture…

Tecmint.com and Linuxsay.com for ever.

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The name P. Laszlo. (Sorry but the family my name is difficult to translate)
I live in Hungary within this city of Debrecen.
I’m a security guard in the village.
I am very interested in the world of Linux is the Linux distributions within the structure of their stories.
I joined the forum Linuxsay because so many writers “know” who the various sites can be found here. Very good write articles and helpful.

I love the sport of boxing is within it. I like to read. I like history and geography.

I am writing hobby. My drive what I publish a blog in Hungarian.

Later I was doing picture of myself!