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Dear Sir,

I really appreciate you are always here to support us and solve our queries. I am a regular visitor of your website i.e. tecmint.com. I have learned lots things from your blogs. I really appreciate your work.

Now we are on next level of our learning phase i.e. your new project “LINUX SAY”.

I really want be a master in Linux. I dont want be a toper but i want be researcher (doing “RND”).

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Thanks for such kind words and we try our best to support our readers like you…Keep this forum engaged and don’t forget to invite your friends to this forum…:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Ravi for selecting me as a part of LinuxSay Forum.
I will be happy to contribute my knowledge (not having much :disappointed: ) but i wish to share when required.

Again thanks.

Your most welcome dear, all I want is to keep this forum active by your participation and help other fellow newbies…

i have some doubts in linux

when servers are suddenly down how to rectify?

Please create ‘New Topic’ with your question and explain what exactly you want to know about when servers are down and what are the ways to troubleshoot the servers to bring back up…

Hi @ravisaive

First of all, let me thank you for creating this great forum and TecMint site. I find them both very useful, and both of them have become my daily read. I am trying to contribute to all the discussions where I can provide my knowledge/experience although very limited and on a newbie level.

I would like to suggest a few things to all members: in the guidelines for creating a new topic, you mentioned that users should select “only single proper category”. It seems to me that some members don’t follow your guidelines and post questions mostly in the “Linux” subforum or “Discussion” subforum. You created subforums (Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, Centos…) in order for all of us to manage our posts more appropriately. Posting in general Linux discussion is fine, but why not use the relevant subforum when it already exists.

When members find a solution to their problem, I would like to suggest that they mark their thread solved by editing the subject line of their OP perpending the tag [SOLVED] to the subject line. On some other forums this is a normal practice and I find it very useful when searching for a solution to a problem.

Keep up the great work! :+1:

I wish you and all the members very best! :smiley:

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Yes I agree with the suggestions you pointing out here and I am requesting all users to please follow rules while posting questions and mark the topic Solved once you found the solution…

I am planning to create a separate thread with guidelines and rules for new topic postings by Monday, which contains the rules and instructions on how to post new topics, select proper category, about post replies, etc…


Dear sir,
I Like your tutorials very much. It helps me a lot. Can you please share the tutorials about how to install perl & jboss in linux.

Thanks & Regards,

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The Tutorials here are great, and I like the fact that this Linux Forum actually has rules to follow. Too many newbies to Linux doesn’t get the assistance they need on many ‘dedicated’ Linux forums, rather gets bashed if they don’t ‘know it all’ within a couple of weeks.

Oh, and don’t dare to say one’s dual booting with Windows, that eggs on the crowd more, to include the Moderators & Administrators of some of these forums.

Thankfully we have a safe haven here, and I thank those who made this possible.:joy:


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Hi Guys!

My name is Nijam and I’m from chennai. Actually i started my carrier with windows & web hosting after with in a short time i fell in love with linux and i shifted by carrier to linux. I’m spend my time in learning, browsing net. My favorite linux distribution is RHEl.