What are some great screenshot / screencast tools in Linux?

As technical writer, I often have to take screenshots of terminal output to include in my articles. So far I’ve only used Shutter for this task, but was recently wondering whether there are other similar tools I could use for the same purpose.
As for screencasting, I’ve mostly used Kazaam - but when I have to do a full-monitor screencast, I have to show the Play / Stop controls at the right bottom corner of the screen, which I don’t really like, and haven’t found a terminal shortcut to bring up the same functions automatically.
Any ideas or suggestions will be more than appreciated. Thank you all in advance!


vokoscreen is a very nice screencast tool.

+1 for vokoscreen

Also, I use SimpleScreenRecorder and RecordMyDesktop for screencasting.

I use GNOME Screenshot to get quick snapshots.

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That’s a real delicate matter, since stuff like drivers, window managers and etc affect how these software work. In my case, recordmydesktop produces terribly broken .ogv’s, x11grab doesn’t like Mutter, and Shutter began to awkwardly downgrade the quality of a screenshot after a driver update. Yep, NVIDIA. And Gnome Shell 3.1something.

So far what’s been working for me was SimpleScreenRecorder for screencasting and gnome-screenshot for screenshots. But if you don’t use Gnome, some alternatives for screenshots could be GIMP, import from ImageMagick and scrot. Here’s a link with quick tips on the last two.

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i always use simple screen recorder ,bcoz its give high compression output video…and many features than others

I also use shutter. Still waiting for jynx for linux though.

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+1 for Simple Screen Recorder. It has keyboard shortcuts for start/stop so it’s ideal for full screen captures. In full screen mode, only a recording icon is seen in the taskbar, if you have one in your chosen distro.

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In some distros (and wm also) you can choose to hide the panel so that only the screen is recorded. This way no panel icons are visible. Then using shortcuts like @Michael_Pavletich said should do a decent job. (I think…)