What are some nice backup tools in Linux?

Hi everyone,

Just thought it would be nice if we could document all the backup methods that we use in our daily work.

I haven’t used anything other than tar and rsync combined with shell scripting. What do you guys use to make backups (what is your favorite tool) and why?

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Sbackup. A graphical desktop backup tool

Thanks for your reply. I have written about backupninja and backuppc but haven’t used them much actually, and certainly not in a production environment.

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I like unison. It has incremental backups and good GUI.

I do like “cpio” , “tar” and “rsync”
the above commands are open source and they are very simple and usefull

I am looking for a way to create an image of the contents of a flash drive containing a full installation (not a caper-rw file).
This backup could be done either in a Linux environment or windows. Any suggestions welcome.

According to me TAR is the Best in class backup tool in Linux