What are some of the most helpful command-line aliases sysadmins use?

Hi everyone,

What are some of the command-line aliases that you use in your daily work as a system administrator?

If you can share them here we can turn this post into a nice source of information for the community on this topic.

For example, in one of our production servers, we use bdf=‘df -h’ to display disk free space in human-readable form.


Great topic @gacanepa

I’m not a sysadmin (hopefully I’ll be one day :four_leaf_clover:) but I often use aliases in my urxvt in i3. The one I use most often (of course) is pacu='sudo pacman -Syu’
It’s a great idea to share aliases - and create a database of useful aliases for sysadmins. :+1:

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The list here can really go on and on :smile:

For ssh: go=“ssh -p PORT root@$1”
p=“ps auxf”
digoc=“ssh -p Port -i path-to-key user@host” – connects me to a digital ocean server real path user port etc are used instead.
extstore="sshfs -PORT user@host:/path/ /mount-point/ – uses SSHFS to mount SSH partition as my local drive. Can be used on phone as well :wink:
2=“mysqladmin proc”
4=“tail -f LOG”
The rest are a bit sensitive :smiley:

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Wow, Henrik! Thanks a million! :smiley:

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alias man=‘man -a -P most’
alias mount=‘mount -v’
alias n=‘nvidia-settings’
alias nload=’ nload -i 100 -o 100 -u k wlan0’
alias perlll=‘eval perl -Mlocal::lib
alias rpmbuild=‘shortrpm’
alias s=‘simpress’
alias simpress=’/opt/openoffice4/program/simpress’
alias soffice=’/opt/openoffice4/program/soffice’
alias swriter=’/opt/openoffice4/program/swriter’
alias u=‘umount /mnt’
alias vit=‘vi -t’
alias wget=‘wget -c -t 0’