What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization?

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I am new to virtualization technology, yet it has become a trending technology in Information Technology, many companies are switching to virtualized IT environments.

But it is always good to understand the pros and cons of any Technological advancement before making a switch to it. Therefore I would like to know form experienced users about the pros and cons of virtualization in enterprise level IT environments.

Advantage is You often can get snappshots and backupp your distros fast under a Viritual envirement, and fare more simple to install Multiple Os (Like Popcorn poppoppop :slight_smile: )without having to run around to manage the installations.The on big Backside is Securety shuld youre Viritualserver go down ore go bad ore be hacked it could bee a slither nightmare to get it upp and running againe…


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Hi, friend, anyone guides me about virtualization?


  • server resources utilization
  • os and apps testing
  • easy to migrate
  • security


  • learning time
  • overhead