What don't you like about GNU/Linux as a developer or user?

Hi guys

I would like to get your opinions on this really. After reading some “why i do not like GNU/Linux” or “what i do not like about Linux” articles as the ones below:


I realized that many of us have if not one then many aspects of GNU/Linux that make us not to like it, even though we use it on a daily basis. The writers of these articles i believe are enthusiastic users of Linux but still have these opinions to share about it.

I have few things that i personally do not love about it of which i would like to share some two:
First of all, finding certain software for Linux is very hard sometimes.
Second is that there are very many distros out there, so in case one needs help, you have to deal with users of that particular distro.

If you have some tough experiences with Linux, you can let us know.