What is interesting about your distribution

I have used Ubuntu(trusty tahr) for all the time that I have know linux and would not hate to know something about other distributions. Tell me something to make me shift from ubuntu to another distribution. I see it as good but never tried another distribution… come on share your thoughts!

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I think you should do exactly that and see for yourself. Just be aware that not all distributions are debian-based and that there’s a learning curve (though not very steep) with some distributions like Arch, Gentoo, Slackware …

My suggestion - and what I do - is: use some old laptop or any other machine and download various distros and install them there and then read that distro’s documentation, wikis, forums …And if you like it and want to replace your Ubuntu, then join the community and contribute to it (whichever way suits you - I’m sure you’ll find a way). I’m always driven by the old saying: It’s given to you for free, share for free.


EDIT: And since you have joined LinuxSay which is not one-distro-only community, please do not hesitate to ask any questions about any distro here - there are people around here who are willing to help. There are also discussion threads about most popular distros - you can go to the specific distro thread and ask there. Remember: asking questions is the best way to learn.


It depends on what you have used previously. If you are switching from Windows and want stability, I would recommend LinuxMint as you may find it easier to start with. Ubuntu is not bad, but I myself am not big fan of Unity. Cinnamon is somehow more friendly, combined with the stability of LinuxMint, you will never have to re-install OS again.


so the difference is just the interface :question: but the repos and the working is just the same. is that it?

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I have used Ubuntu, and its actually a very stable distro, but my heart belongs to Fedora! I have used quite a few distros, as a matter of fact, aside from LFS (L-inux F-rom S-cratch) Gentoo…Slackware…and Arch, I think I can say I’ve downloaded just aboue every distro on DistroWatch, (some of them are really cool and novel, in regards to their interfaces and the way they’re setup. (Some of those that come to mind are Bodhi Linux, Semplice, ArchBang, ElementaryOS, BellaOS, Salix, and Porteus.) But in all actuality the suggestion made by BrankoTesla is your best bet. Find an old laptop / desktop that you can afford to wipe, and then have at it! Just about every distro is capable of being written to a USB these days, and it’s easy to wipe that clean and install another OS on it when you’re done testing. But don’t just run the live distro, install them ALL…hang out with them for about a week or two, make note of the thinkgs you like…thethings you don’t like…the things you prefer to have vs the things you think that particular distro can lose. This is th REAL way to get familiar with almost all versions of Linux! Because most of these distros are either their own independent entity, or else theyre “cloned” or “based on” some other well known distro. (In this case Ubuntu…Linux Mint, Tanglu, Siduction, Linux Lite SolydXK and quite a few others are based off of Debian, whereas CEntOS, Scientific Linux, StellaOS, some parts of Fedora and some parts of openSuSE are based in part off of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) it doesn’t matter which ones you like or don’t like just expose yourself to as many of them as possible. This will make you more flexible should the occasion ever arise where a “Linux Admin” is needed! Enjoy your travels through the wonderful world of Linux!!



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+10 for the post! The best answer to the OP.

Aww shucks!..Now I’m slushin’!..LoL! Thanks BrankoTesla! I’ll do my best to provide as much accurate info and info of relevance for as long as this forum exists. I’m also in the process of learning how to program…(Python…Ruby…C++ etc.) so I’ll be digging though these threads looking for info as well.

As MarinT stated above, Linux Mint is a great OS for current Linux users, meets the needs of newbies & seasoned pros alike, and doesn’t require a powerhouse computer to run.

I especially recommend it to those who were/still are looking to get off of XP or Windows altogether, and say goodbye to endless EULA’s, piggybacking toolbars & other bundled software that’s often borderline malware. No activation, and for 64 bit users, there’s over 70,000 mostly 100% Free software choices to use.

For those who needs some Windows software such as Skype, we have it! Need to port MS Office over? No problem, WINE can handle it, though there’s always a security risk with this. For 99% of home users who needs Office a few times a year, LibreOffice comes with Mint (& many other Linux distros) & more than meets the need, w/out the security issues of MS Office.

Linux Mint also has a Windows type feel, especially for those used to running Windows 7 or below. For those who loves the Windows 8 way, then I suggest Ubuntu, Unity & the former Metro UI has a lot in common.

Ubuntu MATE is also a worthy consideration, for long time Ubuntu users who deported due to Unity, it’s a welcome back home. I’ve been monitoring Ubuntu MATE on DistroWatch & progress has been steady, it’s now ranked at #26, way ahead of #74 a year back. This distro will likely break into the upper teens in the coming months & the sky is the limit.

No wonder Canonical made Ubuntu MATE an ‘official’ Ubuntu version, the initial release wasn’t.


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I like Ubuntu because it is easy to install and provides all the convenience in the world in terms of software installation.

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I like Arch because its allows for light weight and simple OS of your choosing. I like that its rolling and that updates are constantly coming. I love it since it comes on just about any piece of hardware and because of the arch wiki.

##Arch = Master Distro!!


I use Arch almost exclusively now at home - a great tool for learning Linux too. Wiki is the best I’ve seen and the guys on forums are lightening fast to solve problems.

I recently downloaded Linux mint because I thought it has all features and right now I am planning to reinstall my good old Ubuntu because I have had a lot of trouble installing netbeans yet till now I have not succeeded.

I was doing it as an experiment and now I know better that Ubuntu is the best distro in linux

I think the best distro for what you really use. Let Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and etc.
A good system shows your own life as well.
For beginners starting about Linux Mint or Ubuntu that can be offered.

Many Linux distributions have been tested but only at the user level. The server and other things I do not understand unfortunately.
Three caught a system about which I can only write full of boats.
Arch Linux, Debian, Centos.
Arch Linux: completely fresh, crisp packets, very fast baggage handling, and almost all would be included in
Debian: the interim system. You can find everything to him, and concrete atom is stable.
CentOS: One of the most prominent figure in the corporate section. It has added a lot of description, in addition to lost stable and free


Because I use so many distros, I think they’re ALL interesting! I use Fedora and openSuSE…as my main go to’s…and Ubuntu…Linux Mint…Scientific. …and CEntOS…along with Arch…BlackLab…ArchBang…and Debian…so to all my Linux brothers and sisters…keep on rocking in the Free (and Open Source!) World!!!

yes…i guess some distros have some inbuilt functionality or they have high efficiency while running one project…


Very good support
good response time and has very good followers(CentOS & enterprise OS)

Where can I read more information about this?