What is SetUID, SetGID and a sticky bit

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While setting file permissions, we normally have (read-r, write-w, execute-x) permissions that we assign to users, groups and other system users.

There are other extra permission settings that we can set on a file or directory and these in include:



-Sticky bit

What do the above listed permissions mean in Linux and how can i set them on a file.


Once look at the below link it may helpful for you



in the stick bit , only root has the privilege to set sticy bit ah ???
or the users also can set the stick bit ???
and also only in common sharing directory we can set the sticy bit ???
bcoz if im seting in normal user directories, from other users i m not able to change to the directories , since it is telling permission denied !

can u plz explain in detaiils

Yes you can also set sticky bit by using normal user but it is worthless, if you want to set sticky bit on a shared directory you should be logged as a root user.

Thanks @raghuu