What is /srv/ and /run directory, When do we required these dir

HI, I want to know about linux filesystem. according to the documentation /src dir. is a service related dir. It contains data like ftp , www , csv. why do we required to put ftp , and www data here for out side users.Instead we have default dir for ftp (ftp/pub) and www.

/run why need .

Please help

The directory /srv contains server specific and service related files and whereas /run directory contains early-runtime-dir problem.

The /srv directory is the default location for FTP, during OS installation a new user (ftp) is created with home directory i.e. /srv/ftp. But if you wish to change ftp location, you can change it by creating a new ftp directory and ftp user with new home.

The /run directory is the companion directory to /var/run. Like for example /bin is the companion of /usr/bin.

Thanks for writing . But default location for ftp is /var/ftp/pub. isnt it? I have installed CentOs 6.6 and /srv dir is empty there is no sub dir.

I think /srv/ftp is for anonymous users and /var/pub/ftp is for home users…