What is the difference between Linux commands 'less' and 'more'

What is the difference between ‘more’ and ‘less’ Linux Commands. Both of them seem to work the same way and their outputs are also same. ‘less’ is often called as improved ‘more’ over a lot of places and ‘whatis less’ in Linux terminal say ‘opposite of more’?

What is the real story. Why Linux needed two commands for the accomplishment of one task?

@ Avi

Yes less is improved one of more. I will explain you with below example
let us say we are checking file system state with below command by using “less” and “more”

Case 1) #dumpe2fs -h /dev/sda2 | less
let us say u will get some 2 to 3 pages output. U can go through page by page from top to bottom and bottom to top, When u use " less "

Case 2) #dumpe2fs -h /dev/sda2 | more
Here u can go through the output from top to bottom but not bottom to top. Means it will not allow u to go through previous reviewed one.


less has more capability than less
more is old command in UNIX world and less has a lot of
beautiful features…
see also manual pages of “most” command if installed on your system