What is the use of LVM & LDAP?

What is the use of LVM? What are the features available in LVM & that are all not available in standard partitions? Please say with real time examples. I read many articles in online. But unable to understand. At the same time what is the use of LDAP? Some persons says it is same as Windows AD concept. But i don’t know AD also. I think it (LDAP) is used for accessing centralized data using authentication. We can use this feature using NFS & we can access local user via SSH. Then why LDAP?

Through LVM , you have the flexibility to resize and add New volumes with the basic partitions, any time that you want to make a change, you need to destroy the partitions and create it again .

LDAP are protocol commonly used for mangaed user and group authentication or system configuration over Network.
Through LDAP you don’t need to create user over client server. It’s managed by central authentications.

@Ritesh Central authentication means? & resize feature only differ from standard partition in LVM?

Dear @Buvanesh_Kumar

Lvm for external partitions , you can Increase/decrease size & add/remove partitions any time.
that is LVM.

and Central Authentication means - all task perform by server machine.

I need detailed explanations with examples (Easy way)

LVM basically is to create virtual partitions which you can resize. Lets say you have a partition and its almost full so not to worry you can extend that partition (if you have 5 Gb to can extend it to 10 GB if you have much volume group. this is the beauty of LVM.
If you have normal parturition (like in your laptop) and almost full so you have to remove data to get some space.


LDAP is protocol based on X-500. This protocol is help us to mange users and resources from a centralized machine or server. In MS we call it Active Directory.

can we use LDAP with samaba for MS WS authentication ?


LVM is very useful if you have few small partitions and wants to see it as a large logical partition
also you can increase, decrease logical partition size…

LDAP is similar active directory(and more powerful than AD) for centralize
authentication and so more…

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Samba4 shuld have that feature i think

So the anwser is yes