What is your say on the response of Linux Mint developers to the recent attacks on their servers?

Hello members

Following the recent attacks on Linux Mint servers, where a distribution image was compromised, there has been a lot of talk about the despicable act. As LinuxSay members, how do you feel about the way the Linux Mint developers responded to the situation that was at hand?

As a Linux user, what have you learned from this?

You can read more from this link: http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3007

The response from the developers was great. The site was taken down as soon as they became aware of the problem and users were made aware of the existence of the problem. While the attack did identify some security holes with the site the developers also move to have those addressed asap. There was a clear description of the problem, how to identify if you were affected and how to address it to protect yourself if you were. A lot of this information was not directly available on the Mint site itself as it had been taken down but on blogs and other sites many Linux Mint users would visit. I think the honesty of the developers in not hiding the problem and addressing it as quickly as they did overcame my concerns. the loss of the password and email addresses from the forum site was probably the major inconvenience as we had to reset any passwords which might be linked to the email address which used the password for the forum. Given the small development community they handled the problem well.

I actually learned two important things from the whole situation:

  • The first is that always accepts that you have a problem at hand be ready to face it and

  • Secondly look towards others for help if they are ready to help