What quality should an Entrepreneur have?

What Qualities should one have to be a successful Entrepreneur? Just a question out of my curiosity. I don’t need long answer just 1-2 line answer from everyone. Just 1-2 quality to be successful Entrepreneur from every user, if possible.

Will everyone of you take a little time of yours to answer this question?

My dear @Avi, that’s something I would like to know too. After years of being a schoolteacher, I intend to move to Linux administration as my job. Something like my own little firm for linux administration or something like that. Thanks for asking this.

Do you plan something similar?

Dear @BrankoTesla,
Yeah! for sure.
Codes/scripts fascinates me.

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Have you guys checked the Entrepreneurship courses on edX? They are a fantastic source of inspiration and useful information if you’re considering becoming your own boss :smile:.

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Thanks @gacanepa,

That’s an excellent idea! At the moment I’m attending https://learn.moodle.net (Teaching with Moodle) but as soon as I finish that one I’ll search for a nice edeX course.

Btw, if anyone here is interested in learning more about Moodle, I recommend this introductory course. It hasn’t really started yet - just Getting Started module and introductions forum. The real thing starts on 9th August, so you still have time to join. :smile: