What's Your Preferred Linux Text Editor? and Why? [Poll]

Whether you’re a administrator or developer or writer, a good text editor is a must have for any Linux operating system. A good text editor is always great for managing code, noting down quick notes or just writing a script.

I see most people prefer a text editor that comes pre-installed with most Linux distributions such as gedit and Emacs, and they are good enough to complete their jobs, but other experience users need something powerful text editor for daily routine work such a coding, but still it’s all depend on individual needs…

I really wants to know which text editor everyone was using to get their jobs done? and why?. Let us know in the Poll and comments!

My all time favorite is vi/vim editors, because it is lightweight, fast, yet powerful.

  • Atom - is a open-source text and source code editor
  • Sublime - is a sophisticated text editor for codes
  • vi/vim - is a powerful text editor
  • Nano - is a simple text editor
  • Emacs - is an extensible, customizable text editor
  • Gedit - is a open source notepad kind of text editor
  • Pico - is a full screen text editor for easy use

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I like vi/vim because it offers a lot of text manipulation functionalities especially when you do not have a desktop environment installed.

Like aaronkili45 says, vi/vim offers a lot of possibilities, for example :

  • display lines numbers
  • copy, past, replace…
  • open a file on a specific line directly
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I voted for nano simply because I’m used to it and I don’t use text editors that much - vim is definitely more advanced.

Perfect set: Sublime for hard coding; Scratch for light coding and notes; vim for config files (don’t ask me why, but I do end up using it for config files almost every time).

Nothing wrong with vi/vim, nano in the terminal for quick edits but my primary editor is Sublime Text. Quick, efficient (increased productivity), powerful , well supported and worth every cent.