Which Distro is good for a Developer

Which distro is the best for a Developer? Should run smoothly with IDE and no chrome crash. I’ve used xubuntu but google chrome for this, either crashes or becomes Unresponsive if a page loads more data.

Suggestions are encouraged if its other than Ubuntu.

Try to review some of the top distros and their targeted user, may be you can find a good choice from this link:

But in my own view Ubuntu is good, it has a wider user base therefore a lot of online help. Other Ubuntu distros like Linux Mint can also be useful.

Red Hat and CentOS are also good though are used in Enterprises generally.

What about debian 8?
I don’t like Ubuntu, although it has got good support.

Go for Debian 8 with lightweight Desktop Environment like XFCE or LXDE, you can find out more such lightweight DE’s here


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i like so much of elementary os.
Using to work and to development.
although the some instabilities, but the team works to make a fine distribution.
I recommend test it… =)