Which is the best web server in linux?


We are planning to host website on linux server [ RHEL or SLES ]. But I am confused, Which is the best web server in linux ?. Web server should be open source. I will give preference for web server which have excellent performance. .

Please guide me

Thanks in advance.

Go with RedHat, you def have good performance and easy to configure and also you will get good tutorial form tecmint :wink: aswell.

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You should choose between RHEL and CentOS, go with RHEL if you are willing to pay and want support, go with CentOS if you don’t want to pay and you can support it.

I use Debian 8, Apache2, MySQL-DB, Samba and Owncloud for file sharing, and Drupal for a CMS privately and as a test system. The same configuration is more or less used for my small production system for administering my wind band here in Austria.

There are some differences between CentOS and RHEL, but in most cases the two systems are very similar. RHEL comes with paid support, and is a commercial product. CentOS is a free product and doesn’t contain any RHEL branding throughout the system. Every version of CentOS is maintained for over 10 years, which is something you won’t find with other distributions. However, there are much less features in comparison to other distributions: this makes CentOS the most lightweight distributive. If you’re simply looking for a lightweight distribution to host a website or web app, CentOS is a great choice. Control panel for CentOS.

I’m also searching for which is the best web server in Linux still didn’t find any solution. Does anyone guide me about it?

Nginx. You can read comparison of apache & nginx: https://theorganicagency.com/blog/apache-vs-nginx-performance-comparison/