Which is your best office suite in Linux

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An office suite is an essential set of applications on a desktop distro of Linux. Some of the most important applications in an office suite include word processor, spreadsheets and a presentation applications. There are several office suites that one can find available for Linux as listed below.

Which of the following office suites works best for you?

  • LibreOffice

  • OpenOffice

  • Calligra Suite

  • Ofiice 365

  • Google Docs

  • Others(specify in comment)

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I used OpenOffice before the fork. Now I have been an addict of LibreOffice. I use it personally and for the admin of my wind band here in Austria. One of the major components is LO-Base with a MySQL backend. While Base lacks many badly needed features, it still covers most of my needs.

I have used LibreOffice ever since i started using Linux, i may need to try out the others too, such as OpenOffice.

I’m using Libre Office suite in Linux. :slight_smile: