Which is your favourite shell in Linux

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The shell is the command interpretor in an operating system such as Unix/GNU Linux. For those who like using the command line, what is your favorite command interpretor(shell) in Linux from the ones listed below?

  • sh

  • bash

  • csh/tcsh

  • ksh/pksh

  • fish

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I’m sorry for my question and I don’t mean to sound aggressive or something, but why do you ask A LOT OF QUESTIONS? are you collecting statistics for your business or something? of course you are welcome to ask any number of questions without any restriction but I’m just curious.

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Thanks for being curious but i love to ask questions, it makes me learn a lot especially when i get opinions from different people.
Hope yo u will always answer the questions if you can.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: I hope I will always be able to answer questions.

My best way of learning is always by “self study” and asking for other peoples opinion on what i already know and do not know. That is why am always asking questions.:wink:

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