Which Linux distribution can you recommend for a new computer user?

Hello members

As Linux is becoming so popular among computer users, there are people who have learned using a computer directly with Linux OS. Although many of us have migrated from Windows, which Linux distribution(desktop) can you as a Linux user recommend for a new computer user from the one listed below:

  • Ubuntu

  • Linux Mint

  • Fedora

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I would say Linux Mint as it’s got an interface similar to windows, so it wouldn’t be shell shock for a new user.

Also, I love how you can pretty much function right after install, and not have to chase codecs etc.


I can side with you on that, Linux mint tends to be user friendly compared to all the other distributions i have tried using like Ubuntu and Fedora.

I have used Ubuntu since 2006 and use now only LTS (Not a computer freak :wink: ). Do you really need to chase codex todays in Ubuntu? Don’t Ubuntu ask and search automatic now days if there are a missing codec? Or maybe I download it automagically by my self, not knowing it? Yes Unity are different, so there do you have a point.