Which linux Distro is best for?

For Cross compilation (ARM Processor), which Linux Distro is best for Security, lite weight,

Following packages need to be install for compialtion, C, C++, Sun Java, NodeJS, npm

For you information, currently we are using Centos 6.5, which is best but consuming more memory,

so looking for new distro which is best for my needs, please suggest & give the link to download the Distro thanks mates

i’m not having clear idea but lubuntu will help you. My friend had the same issue with hibernates stucts springs vadins then he switched to lubuntu, it was fine for him.

you Should you go with – ubuntu .


@rahul_36 thanks, ill try with lubuntu, how is the security in lubuntu ?

@Ritesh, Already tried with ubuntu desktop, some times its showing insufficient memory to compile, timed out error while compile, kindly advice to reduce the memory usage, in real time.


you can Judge itself, how much memory you have required.

you also with swap partitions which is helps in memory.

You Must Use the “BackBox” Linux Distributions.

It is a derivative of Ubuntu OS having strong security features and lightweight XFCE desktop environment…

Almost runs every Linux Applications / Software’s… Including core features…


Will try the BackBox Linux distro for our new architecture and let you know if any help thanks