Which Linux network monitoring tool do you use?

Linux system monitoring is one of the most important tasks for every System and Network Administrator, it is crucial to know everything about your network including host configurations, services they provide, and many more?
Which monitoring tools of the ones listed below do you use for your network?

  • Nagios

  • Zabbix

  • Cacti

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I used nagios many years ago, but I am using Zabbix now

How do you find both of them in terms of how they work?

I am using Zabbix to monitor my Ubuntu server. It is very easy to install Zabbix as well as to use it. I recommend it.

I didn’t use any tool for monitoring but searching about which is the best any suggestion?


Could you please tell how you used nagios for network monitoring

In each separate situation it is necessary to use a different monitoring system. I happened to use all three. To monitor the network better cacti, to monitor hundreds of the same type of servers on Linux - nagios, to monitor dozens of servers - zabbix.


I’am using zabbix, zenos and cacti in production enviroment.

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I use netdiscover, a very fast, easy to use and command line tool, to check quickly who is in the network.

I am utilizing Zabbix to screen my Ubuntu server. It is anything but difficult to introduce Zabbix 7 and additionally to utilize it. I suggest it.