Wifi driver needed dell inspiron 3542

I was using windows 7 and Centos 6.7 in my laptop in dual boot environment. Everything was fine.

Today I installed Windows 10 and Centos 7.2 . Now my concern is centos 7.2 is not finding wifi drivers. Could any one please guide where to get wifi driver for my laptop.

My laptop model - Dell inspiron 3542
wifi driver needed for centos 7.2.

please help .

Thanks in advance

You will get wifi drivers online on many sites or just visit driversdvd.com search your model in search bar and download drivers from there. For more driver’s information and support check Dell Inspiron 3542 Manual. Good Luck.:relaxed:

Thanks for replying. My issue is with I am not getting driver for wifi in Centos 7.2

Wifi was working fan in Centos 6.7. I just migrated to 7.2 and wifi driver is not getting auto installed from installation ISO. (May be not present in centos 7.2 hcl list)

driversdvd site don’t have driver for linux.
Please guide where can I get it. I have googled it but still waiting for a solution.