Would you use a Linux distro developed by Microsoft

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Many of us have been following the recent events of how Microsoft has been getting Linux functionalities in Windows such as including bash in WIndows 10 and the headlines of Microsoft’s love for Linux of late.
Question is would you use a Linux distro developed by Microsoft is they were to include all the Linux based projects into a new distro?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I do not know

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You should also have to add one more option like might be:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my option is might be :laughing:

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Not going to lie. It’s not that I don’t think they can’t pull it off, but its WHO they’re trying to pull it off with. If it were…say Apple? I might consider it. If it were Android it might bear some consideration, but it’s because it is a collaboration with Microsoft and Windows that cause me to outright dismiss it. I am not a programmer, nor am I some coding genius, I know a few commands in the Terminal for the Linux distro I use. And my thinking goes along these lines:
Since 2003 / '04 I’ve been using Linux, and the things that it seemed to lack? I made do without, but since about 2007 things started coming in waves to the open source platform. From an office suite comparable to MS Office, to our own web browsers, and music players, media interfaces, emails, contact lists, notes, you name it…and aside from speciality programs and apps the majority of “standard fare” now most likely exists in the open source world. So if I made a conscious effort to LEAVE the world of Windows behind me, why on Earth would I be looking forward to GOING BACK there? for the use of bash?..I USE THAT NOW, and I DON’T have to worry about being spied on by the governing OS, nor catching a virus / trojan…or getting locked out by ransom-ware. It just makes no kind of LOGICAL sense that people are all hyper about this, if you want to use bash, you can do so in a “safer” environment on Linux, why try to put bash in a “security-challenged” environment? I guess its just me but I for one wouldn’t use ANYTHING that comes from Microsoft, ever again! Call me closed minded, call me a fan-boy, call me what you will, but I rest easier at night knowing there’s no Microsoft on my machines. But hey that’s just me…LoL!

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that would be the first Linux Distro on which Virus would actually function

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Microsoft is not developing the LInux Distribution. Windows 10 is completely different from Windows distributions of the past. It will eventually allow many operating systems to run similar to how products like VMWare work, except at a integration level.